Me, Steffen Kromm

Hi! Pixelart version of Steffen Kromm

My Name is Steffen, I'm a developer from south germany. Currently I solo-develop anima island.

The development of anima island started with the idea for the game in late 2018. In 2020 a first prototype was started which was refined in 2021. Since 2022 I persistently continued to work on the first prototype version.

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Development Roadmap

The Roadmap moved to Notion, so I can update it easier and allow for feedback through comments.

Old Archived Roadmap


Start date: 06.01.2022

The core gameplay features are defined. During this phase the structure and direction of the game can change drastically. Result of this phase is a working demo.



Demo available: 2023


Date: 2024

Content creation and gameplay balancing


Date: Mid 2024

Bug Hunt of the otherwise finished game!


Date: End of 2024 or later